Friday, November 29, 2013

Flashback Friday II

So I didn't get to much this week, on account of my not feeling well beginning of the week, procrastinating in other ways to avoid hw, and yeah...I'm surprised with myself for not watching more since I had time. I even started Break a day earlier on Tuesday on account of two classes canceling because of the weather and my not feeling well enough to go to the third. But I also went to bed earlier alot this week while my family continued to watch things and I've spent more of my time avoiding watching the remainder of Supernatural and Hakuoki than actually watching something... I also tortured myself by hunting down alot of anime series to watch after the intensity of Supernatural...but most I'd have to either purchase or watch online, which I can't. *pouts* I could start Vampire Diaries and continue with Once Upon a Time, but I guess I'm just worn out and nothing relaxing is relaxing because I've just got too much looming over me. So even my procrastinating isn't even working right anymore. I'm just very on edge, stressed and tense and anxious and blegh...'s what little I got to this week... (I've decided to count not from Sunday but from Friday to Friday, so alot of this was from last weekend, actually)


Blue Bloods
Season 1, Eps. 13-16

Season 5, Eps. 2-3

Once Upon a Time
Season 1, Ep. 15 *rewatch*

Season 8, Eps. 12-19


I also found some great Black Friday Deals, so here is what I ordered earlier on today...

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