Friday, November 29, 2013

Flashback Friday II

So I didn't get to much this week, on account of my not feeling well beginning of the week, procrastinating in other ways to avoid hw, and yeah...I'm surprised with myself for not watching more since I had time. I even started Break a day earlier on Tuesday on account of two classes canceling because of the weather and my not feeling well enough to go to the third. But I also went to bed earlier alot this week while my family continued to watch things and I've spent more of my time avoiding watching the remainder of Supernatural and Hakuoki than actually watching something... I also tortured myself by hunting down alot of anime series to watch after the intensity of Supernatural...but most I'd have to either purchase or watch online, which I can't. *pouts* I could start Vampire Diaries and continue with Once Upon a Time, but I guess I'm just worn out and nothing relaxing is relaxing because I've just got too much looming over me. So even my procrastinating isn't even working right anymore. I'm just very on edge, stressed and tense and anxious and blegh...'s what little I got to this week... (I've decided to count not from Sunday but from Friday to Friday, so alot of this was from last weekend, actually)


Blue Bloods
Season 1, Eps. 13-16

Season 5, Eps. 2-3

Once Upon a Time
Season 1, Ep. 15 *rewatch*

Season 8, Eps. 12-19


I also found some great Black Friday Deals, so here is what I ordered earlier on today...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Reel II

So for this week's edition of The Reel, I decided to make a list of my favorite anime. Some I have not finished with yet... It's harder listing these since there are several I'm not done with or I watched strictly because of reading the manga beforehand or I'm not really sure what my opinion is on them just yet. Some I watched subbed, others dubbed. I'm come to appreciate the subbed since the voices always seem to fit better, even if it is a strain on the eyes to read along. I even debated just making a list of all the anime I've watched, liked or not, but I might do that in a later post...

So for now, here's my definite favorite anime series. I decided to list first 5 favorites and then 5 honorable mentions....

Favorite Anime Series

Hands down, this is my all time favorite anime. I watched it dubbed, but I still really enjoyed it, especially with most of the voices that they chose. One of my friends introduced me to this during the summer and I probably watched it all within three days. I'm still working on the manga for this one: it's a bit older and harder to get through. I would definitely recommend the anime, though. 

I think I found this one shortly after I finished Ouran. I think I'm come to enjoy the more girly anime better than the battle ones. There's always more plot, even if it is a bit goofy at times, and there's definitely more humor. Of course, that also means there's more fan-service, come to expect that from most anime.

And then I think I found this shortly after Maid Sama! so you can start to see the pattern of girly, humorous anime here. Before most of these, I had just watched parts of battle anime, bases upon the manga series I had read. While I did like parts of some of those, they always strayed from the main story with filler episodes or had very dull points to them so I did not enjoy them as much as these more lighthearted series.

I haven't finished this one quite yet, but I reeeally like what I've seen. It was originally a visual novel, and then the anime was based on the otome game. So basically, reverse harem. The art of this series is beautiful, so I blame that as my reason for watching all these beautifully drawn characters...which just so happen to be guys... ;P I've heard some people complain about it being slow, and very short, and I do sometimes wish it was longer, with more plot, but I think the art more than makes up for that.

I as introduced to this series the first time I checked out our campus Anime Club, and I instantly fell in love with it. *coughs* Reverse Harem, again. But it's beautiful, and I like when a series stays true to real life Japanese culture. The more fantasy series are harder to take seriously, and while I do like some that are set in England, this feels more authentic.

Honorable Mentions

Okay, while I am mad at how off plot this series got, and I never watched the second series, I will admit that I did enjoy parts of this anime.

There was the occasional filler episode with this, like any anime, and while Allen's voice didn't fit at all, and I kept cracking up because the guy who voiced Kanda also voiced Knuckles from the Sonic series, I did watch the first season and I did enjoy most of it.

I've only seen a few episodes of this anime, but the same friend who introduced to me to Ouran watched this with me. I really liked it so far, having a bit more trouble with the manga, though. Sometimes it feels slow, but it was a very pretty anime and I would like to finish it sometime, though I would have to do so online...

Fruits Basket
Same friend, with Ouran and Earl, watched the first few episodes of this with me and then I finished it myself. It was alittle bit slower, but I still really enjoyed it. The plot was interesting and I really like several of the main characters. It's a more lighter anime, except the ending feels more intense than you'd expect.

Vampire Knight
I actually really like this one, and might eventually move it to the favorites. I watched this after reading the manga and while I was annoyed that it didn't follow it very well, and sometimes it felt slow, I also really liked it over all. Well, heck, it's a vampire anime, so yeah, I liked it. :P I have yet to watch the second series, which I would either have to watch online or purchase.

What about you? Have any favorites or suggestions?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Special II

So I got my hands on the remainder of Supernatural: Season 8, plus most of Vampire Diaries: Season 1, which I have yet to start. We also got the 1st disc of Leverage: Season 5. I had to return a bunch of Once Upon a Time: Season 2 discs since all my holds came in at once and I'm just not getting to it all in time. I think it will be easier to get them back on hold: it's always just the 1st discs that are a pain. Really, I want Netflix so bad right now...and much better internet, so I can finish watching several anime series that I would have to buy otherwise... I had to return a bunch of animes recently, too. So this is what I'm on as of right now...

Currently Watching:

Blue Bloods
Season 1, Ep. 17

Season 1, Ep. 9

Once Upon a Time
Season 2, Ep. 7

Season 8, Ep. 16

Friday, November 22, 2013

Flashback Friday I

I have a Flashback Friday for my book blog, and thought it would be a good idea to have one here as well. This is just a place for my incessant ramblings and a rounding up of all that has been watched during the week, possibly a review every now and again. I'll save my Sunday posts for whatever else new I've gotten, or more Currently Watching. Some of these titles might overlap into both posts, which has happened on my book blog as well, depending on when I get things and how fast I get to them. Still. That's the plan. I'll probably also have a monthly summarization/wrap up post, along with a beginning of the month currently watching/to be watched plan. We shall see...

Here's a list of all that I got to over this past week...


Blue Bloods
Season 1, Eps. 10-12

Season 1, Ep. 8

Season 5, Ep 1

Once Upon a Time
Season 1, Ep. 12 *rewatch*
Season 2, Ep. 6

Season 1, Ep. 11 *rewatch*

Season 7, Eps. 21-23
Season 8, Eps. 1-11

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Reel I

This is the first of my weekly prompts, which I have renamed to The Reel instead of the The Film Files. The type of prompt will generally just depend on my mood for whatever particular week it is or how busy I find myself. Occasonially, I might find prompts from somewhere else but for the most part I will be making them up myself as I go along.

Prompt 1: Favorite Series

There are many series that I have watched myself or with my family. There are several that I have not yet finished catching up in or that haven't ended quite yet. Next week, I will do a prompt geared more towards my favorite anime series. I really couldn't decide what order for these, too frustrating, so it's alphabetical.

Blue Bloods
on season 1 with family
Doctor Who
waiting on The Day of the Doctor
Downton Abbey
rewatching season 2 with my mom
on season 5 with family
on season 3
Once Upon a Time
on season 2
Person of Interest
waiting on season 2
waiting on season 7
waiting on series 3

on season 8

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Claiming my blog!

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Sunday Special I

Each Sunday I will have a post on what movies I have gathered over the week, The Sunday Special. On Fridays I will have a summing up of what I've gotten to, Flashback Friday. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday, I will try and have a prompt for the week, either one I have found or one I have made up myself, The Film Files.

For this first ever Sunday Special, I have a lot I could go over since I am just starting this. I have quite alot of dvds checked out at the moment and quite a lot I've watched this month all ready. I will first list what I have been watching since there hasn't been a Friday post yet, and then I will list what I have just gotten out or plan to watch for the week. :) I will also note now that I do enjoy anime and will list that along with all the other movies/tv series I watch.

There are so many series I am still waiting on. We don't have tv, and limited internet, so most of what I watch I have to wait for the dvds. I have several animes I'm still working on, and tv series my family is watching or rewatching or waiting upon. But for right now, this is what I'm focusing on, myself.

Currently Watching:

Season 7, Ep 21
Reading is Fundamental

Once Upon a Time
Season 2, Ep 6

Season 1, Ep 8
Fleeting Dreams

To Be Watched:

The Vampire Diaries
Season 1

Saturday, November 16, 2013

And We're Rolling!

So, quite awhile ago I decided to have a movie blog, which I used briefly...maybe a few summers ago? I'm not really sure... I think I only had 2 or 3 posts in total. Since I wasn't doing much with either of my blogs and wasn't really sure how to proceed, I gave up. Then I just decided to delete the movie one... 

Anyway, when I began working on my book blog once more this summer, I recreated my movie blog but then left it alone for a few months. I think I even got the same name and url, too. Today, I just decided that I wanted to do something with it. I guess I get hesitant and worry about how amateur it will be or how inactive it might become. I just look at all the awesome blogs out there and my confidence level plummets. I have self esteem issues. :P But...I have realized that there does not need to be a review every week or even every 2 weeks: as long as I am able to post about other things, it's all good. As for my book blog, book related and sometimes life related stuff is perfectly all right, and the same can be true for my movie blog. I can do prompts related to film, I can do lists of favorites, genres, actors, tv series, most anything, really.

So I am going to proceed, with a similar take on how I do my book blog. I'll talk about what I've gotten over the week to watch, what I actually get to, and hopefully some kind of weekly prompt for fun, with reviews when I can...they will probably be more relaxed reviews, usually for stuff I actually enjoyed, with lots of excessive fangirling wherever possible. ;P I doubt any of it will be of something relatively new, since this is just more for my own enjoyment.

But there we have it. I'll be working on the blog layout soon, as well has hunting down some prompts. Hopefully tomorrow I can list some of the stuff I got over the past week.....Let the randomness begin!