Friday, June 13, 2014

Flashback Friday XXII

So here's the last two weeks... Re-watched a Monk episode with the family, but not counting that. And MythBusters, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate, though I may have repeated some from another time. I just spent a better part of this evening going through all the dvds we had and finally figured out how many episodes I had missed. :O 


My Neighbor Totoro

Pandora Hearts
Volume 1, Eps. 12-13 *completed*



Collection 2, Disc 1
Helium Football
Bullets Fired Up
Killer Whirlpool
Crimes and Myth-Demeanors

Collection 6, Disc 1 & 2
Exploding Bumper
Swimming in Syrup
Seesaw Saga
Prison Escape
Duct Tape Hour
Viewer Special Threequel

Collection 7, Disc 1 & 2
Antacid Jail Break
Unarmed and Unharmed

Big Blasts Collection, Disc 1 & 2
Grenades and Guts
James Bond 1 & 2
Salsa Escape
Exploding Port-a-Potty
Exploding Pants
Air Cylinder Rocket

Once Upon a Time
Season 2, Eps. 19-22 *completed*

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