Saturday, November 16, 2013

And We're Rolling!

So, quite awhile ago I decided to have a movie blog, which I used briefly...maybe a few summers ago? I'm not really sure... I think I only had 2 or 3 posts in total. Since I wasn't doing much with either of my blogs and wasn't really sure how to proceed, I gave up. Then I just decided to delete the movie one... 

Anyway, when I began working on my book blog once more this summer, I recreated my movie blog but then left it alone for a few months. I think I even got the same name and url, too. Today, I just decided that I wanted to do something with it. I guess I get hesitant and worry about how amateur it will be or how inactive it might become. I just look at all the awesome blogs out there and my confidence level plummets. I have self esteem issues. :P But...I have realized that there does not need to be a review every week or even every 2 weeks: as long as I am able to post about other things, it's all good. As for my book blog, book related and sometimes life related stuff is perfectly all right, and the same can be true for my movie blog. I can do prompts related to film, I can do lists of favorites, genres, actors, tv series, most anything, really.

So I am going to proceed, with a similar take on how I do my book blog. I'll talk about what I've gotten over the week to watch, what I actually get to, and hopefully some kind of weekly prompt for fun, with reviews when I can...they will probably be more relaxed reviews, usually for stuff I actually enjoyed, with lots of excessive fangirling wherever possible. ;P I doubt any of it will be of something relatively new, since this is just more for my own enjoyment.

But there we have it. I'll be working on the blog layout soon, as well has hunting down some prompts. Hopefully tomorrow I can list some of the stuff I got over the past week.....Let the randomness begin!

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