Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Reel II

So for this week's edition of The Reel, I decided to make a list of my favorite anime. Some I have not finished with yet... It's harder listing these since there are several I'm not done with or I watched strictly because of reading the manga beforehand or I'm not really sure what my opinion is on them just yet. Some I watched subbed, others dubbed. I'm come to appreciate the subbed since the voices always seem to fit better, even if it is a strain on the eyes to read along. I even debated just making a list of all the anime I've watched, liked or not, but I might do that in a later post...

So for now, here's my definite favorite anime series. I decided to list first 5 favorites and then 5 honorable mentions....

Favorite Anime Series

Hands down, this is my all time favorite anime. I watched it dubbed, but I still really enjoyed it, especially with most of the voices that they chose. One of my friends introduced me to this during the summer and I probably watched it all within three days. I'm still working on the manga for this one: it's a bit older and harder to get through. I would definitely recommend the anime, though. 

I think I found this one shortly after I finished Ouran. I think I'm come to enjoy the more girly anime better than the battle ones. There's always more plot, even if it is a bit goofy at times, and there's definitely more humor. Of course, that also means there's more fan-service, but...you come to expect that from most anime.

And then I think I found this shortly after Maid Sama! so you can start to see the pattern of girly, humorous anime here. Before most of these, I had just watched parts of battle anime, bases upon the manga series I had read. While I did like parts of some of those, they always strayed from the main story with filler episodes or had very dull points to them so I did not enjoy them as much as these more lighthearted series.

I haven't finished this one quite yet, but I reeeally like what I've seen. It was originally a visual novel, and then the anime was based on the otome game. So basically, reverse harem. The art of this series is beautiful, so I blame that as my reason for watching all these beautifully drawn characters...which just so happen to be guys... ;P I've heard some people complain about it being slow, and very short, and I do sometimes wish it was longer, with more plot, but I think the art more than makes up for that.

I as introduced to this series the first time I checked out our campus Anime Club, and I instantly fell in love with it. *coughs* Reverse Harem, again. But it's beautiful, and I like when a series stays true to real life Japanese culture. The more fantasy series are harder to take seriously, and while I do like some that are set in England, this feels more authentic.

Honorable Mentions

Okay, while I am mad at how off plot this series got, and I never watched the second series, I will admit that I did enjoy parts of this anime.

There was the occasional filler episode with this, like any anime, and while Allen's voice didn't fit at all, and I kept cracking up because the guy who voiced Kanda also voiced Knuckles from the Sonic series, I did watch the first season and I did enjoy most of it.

I've only seen a few episodes of this anime, but the same friend who introduced to me to Ouran watched this with me. I really liked it so far, having a bit more trouble with the manga, though. Sometimes it feels slow, but it was a very pretty anime and I would like to finish it sometime, though I would have to do so online...

Fruits Basket
Same friend, with Ouran and Earl, watched the first few episodes of this with me and then I finished it myself. It was alittle bit slower, but I still really enjoyed it. The plot was interesting and I really like several of the main characters. It's a more lighter anime, except the ending feels more intense than you'd expect.

Vampire Knight
I actually really like this one, and might eventually move it to the favorites. I watched this after reading the manga and while I was annoyed that it didn't follow it very well, and sometimes it felt slow, I also really liked it over all. Well, heck, it's a vampire anime, so yeah, I liked it. :P I have yet to watch the second series, which I would either have to watch online or purchase.

What about you? Have any favorites or suggestions?

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