Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Special I

Each Sunday I will have a post on what movies I have gathered over the week, The Sunday Special. On Fridays I will have a summing up of what I've gotten to, Flashback Friday. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday, I will try and have a prompt for the week, either one I have found or one I have made up myself, The Film Files.

For this first ever Sunday Special, I have a lot I could go over since I am just starting this. I have quite alot of dvds checked out at the moment and quite a lot I've watched this month all ready. I will first list what I have been watching since there hasn't been a Friday post yet, and then I will list what I have just gotten out or plan to watch for the week. :) I will also note now that I do enjoy anime and will list that along with all the other movies/tv series I watch.

There are so many series I am still waiting on. We don't have tv, and limited internet, so most of what I watch I have to wait for the dvds. I have several animes I'm still working on, and tv series my family is watching or rewatching or waiting upon. But for right now, this is what I'm focusing on, myself.

Currently Watching:

Season 7, Ep 21
Reading is Fundamental

Once Upon a Time
Season 2, Ep 6

Season 1, Ep 8
Fleeting Dreams

To Be Watched:

The Vampire Diaries
Season 1

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