Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Reel I

This is the first of my weekly prompts, which I have renamed to The Reel instead of the The Film Files. The type of prompt will generally just depend on my mood for whatever particular week it is or how busy I find myself. Occasonially, I might find prompts from somewhere else but for the most part I will be making them up myself as I go along.

Prompt 1: Favorite Series

There are many series that I have watched myself or with my family. There are several that I have not yet finished catching up in or that haven't ended quite yet. Next week, I will do a prompt geared more towards my favorite anime series. I really couldn't decide what order for these, too frustrating, so it's alphabetical.

Blue Bloods
on season 1 with family
Doctor Who
waiting on The Day of the Doctor
Downton Abbey
rewatching season 2 with my mom
on season 5 with family
on season 3
Once Upon a Time
on season 2
Person of Interest
waiting on season 2
waiting on season 7
waiting on series 3

on season 8

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