Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Special III

So for this week, I kind of put some series off or am waiting for my family to catch up or my family is re~watching episodes I have all ready seen. I'm still holding off on Vampire Diaries, because I'm trying to find something more lighthearted in the mean time. I'm not going to have a whole lot of time this week because of finals coming up. And I would really like to get better internet and Netflix because it would be just so much easier to get my hands on certain series, especially anime. So anyway...


I finished Hakuoki: Season 1! *sobs bitterly* And our library doesn't have the rest, so I am debating getting the remainder from Amazon...but I just spent alot on Black Friday and I wasn't able to use my gift~card, either. It seems it has to be the exact amount or less, which really bugs me... But anyway, I truly truly loved this series! It's always hard finding another after you finish one you really enjoyed, but I'm trying...

Currently Watching:

Season 8, Ep 23
I'm on the last episode and I can't start season 9 afterwards, for reasons previously mentioned. I'm afraid to finish it now! Gah!

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