Saturday, September 20, 2014

Flashback Friday XXXI: Saturday Edition

Rewatched some old Psych and Leverage episodes, but not going to bother trying to count those. Haven’t really had all that much time for watching things lately, actually… I do hope to finish up The Vampire Diaries at least, so that I can watch the 5th season on dvd this fall, along with the 9th season of Supernatural and the 3rd season of Once Upon a Time. 

Unfortunately, with our internet plan and our limited amount of channels, I won’t be able to watch the newer seasons this fall, nor will I be able to keep up with Doctor Who. I’m also currently trying to watch both Downton Abbey and The Hollow Crown with my mom.

 Basically, everything is organized in the order in which I watched them (movies on top, tv series on bottom), most recent being near the bottom… I think I got everything...


Porco Rosso 

God’s Not Dead

The Lego Movie 
*watched twice*

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Saving Mr. Banks 
*watched twice*


Ghost Hunt
Eps. 14-24 *just started*
So my friend and I were watching this together, but we both kinda freaked on one episode and stopped…and then I started it back up again. I hope to go back and rewatch at least the last arc with her, so I’m also waiting on finishing the last two episodes as well...

Downton Abbey
Season 3, Eps. 2

The Hollow Crown
Richard II

The Vampire Diaries
Season 4, Eps. 21-22 *watched half*

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