Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback Friday VIII

I've been feeling rather sick so I've gotten somewhat behind in reading and schoolwork, but I actually got to a lot of tv series/movie watching this past week. :P


Blue Bloods
Season 3, Eps. 11-12


Eps. 8: Alcatraz Escape *finished*, 11: Break Step Bridge *watched half*, 84: Viewer's Special *finished*, 104: NASA Moon Landing, 107: Water Stun Gun, 122: Prison Escape, & 124: Car vs. Rain


Series 3, Eps. 1-3 *completed*


Hetalia: World Series
Season 4, Eps. 25-52 *completed*

Hetalia: Axis Powers Movie
Paint it, White!


Pandora Hearts
Volume 1, Ep. 1

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