Monday, July 28, 2014

Flashback Friday XXVII: Monday Edition

So here's last week's watched... There was also one or two episodes of MB that we might have rewatched but I'm not going to count that...



Collection 1, Discs 2 & 3
Buried Alive
Lightning Strikes/Tongue Piercings
Killer Position
Is Yawning Contagious?
Hollywood on Trial

Collection 3, Disc 2
Boom-Lift Catapult

Buster’s Biggest Crashes
Buster’s Special
Cooling a Six Pack
Movie Myths

Final Season, Eps. 1-4

Star Trek: The Original Series
Season 1, Eps. 10-14

Vampire Diaries
Season 3, Eps. 21-22
Season 4, Eps. 1-10

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