Friday, August 7, 2015

Flashback Friday XXXIX

So....let's see. I'm still looking for a new series to watch. I haven't read or watched much lately, and I wanna try to cram in as much as I can before school starts back up... *sighs*



My sister and I went to go see this in theaters since our brothers went with without us! D: I have to say, I really liked this film. It's not as completely ridiculous as it sounds, and there was a nice mix of action and humor. :)

I was actually expecting some more daydreaming-adventures, but I guess too many might have made this movie a bit too silly. As it stands, it was pretty enjoyable.

Eps. 19-20

Still rewatching...just...cuz...

I also watched a lot of youtube videos this past week. So that was entertaining... :P

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